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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions



  • Can I make payment arrangements?
    Yes, we offer an interest free payment plan. We allow payment plans from 2-4 months, as long as payments are made every 30 days.


  • Is there a fee when paying my bill online or via phone?
    No, we do not charge a service charge or transaction fee to process your payments.


  • Do you offer any financial hardships?
    Financial requests are considered on a case by case basis.  Please contact our customer service representative at billing@msmnet.com or at the customer service number listed on your statement for an application and additional information.


  • What if my address, insurance, or name has changed and needs to be updated?
    You may contact our customer service team at the number listed on your statement or via email at billing@msmnet.com to make the change(s). You can also add your updated information on the back of the statement stub when you return your payment.


  • What happens if my account goes to collections?
    If your account has been referred to our outside collection agency, please contact the collection agency directly. CMRE Financial Service, Inc. can be reached by calling (800) 783-9118. Please have the account number on your billing statement available when calling.


  • Do you take Care Credit?
    No, our providers currently do not accept Care Credit.


  • What should I do if I get a payment directly from my insurance company?
    Typically, this means your insurance is not contracted with the provider that billed for the services you received. Please forward the payment and a copy of the Explanation of Benefits to our office for posting to your outstanding balance. We will accept an insurance company check endorsed over to your provider.


  • Can you tell me what I will pay out of pocket?
    Benefit information question should be directed to your insurance carrier. Please contact them directly with any questions regarding your coverage.


  • Why am I getting a bill from the hospital AND your company?
    When services are received in a hospital location, a bill will be generated by the hospital for the technical component of the exam. The bill you are receiving from us is for the physician component of the exam or professional component.


  • Se habla Español?


  • When is my payment due?
    Balances are due upon receipt of your statement. Available payment options are listed on your statement. For questions regarding your balance please call or email us at billing@msmnet.com.


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For further assistance, please contact Medical Specialties Managers, Inc, at (714) 571-5000 or email billing@msmnet.com with any inquiries.
Our operating hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am to 3:00pm (PST)

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